Innovative Approaches to introducing CS
Advisory Board
9/24/2007 Meeting
Faculty Learning Community

Tentative Agenda

9:30-10:15Project Overview
10:30-11:45Goal setting: Modules, community, and networks
11:45-1:15Lunch with the Faculty Learning Community
1:30-2:30Intragroup discussion (Developing interdisciplinary materials & Adapting networks tools for course)
2:45-3:30Present and discuss results
3:30-4:00Conclusions and future directions


The map below highlights North Building (in RED) where the Advisory Board meeting will begin at 9:00am on Monday, September 24, 2007 in Room 314. You should enter the North Building from the northern entrance (towards the traffic circle) off of Research Drive. Go up the stairs to room 311. Room 311 has the Computer Science logo on it. If the door is not open, ring the doorbell to the right of the door. Room 314 is the glass encased conference room inside of Room 311.

If you are staying at one of the recommended hotels, there should be a shuttle to campus. Tell the driver that you need to go to the North Building on Duke's West Campus. If there is any confusion, ask them to take you to the Levine Science Research Center (LSRC). The North Building is next to the LSRC.


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