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  • to the Brookwood Inn
  • to the Duke Computer Science Department

  • from the Brookwood Inn to the Department of Computer Science

    You can ask the hotel to give you a ride on their shuttle to the Levine Science Research Center (LSRC) on Duke's West Campus.

    Alternatively, you can walk through Duke Hospital. It should take approximately 10 minutes.

    Walk out and head straight to Duke North Hospital (NOT the VA hospital). Go in the main entrance and walk straight all the way through the hospital to the elevators. Follow the hallway to the right, it curves around and then goes straight. At the end of the hallway, go out the door to the walkway.

    At this point, if the door is not blocked you can walk down the stairs and head to the LSRC building (follow the red arrows).

    If the door is blocked, then continue with the green arrows to go around. Walk along the walkway until you see on your right the building with the Blue Awning that says "Medical Center Store". Take the next right off the walkway. You will walk past the Medical Center Store and down this road. You will pass the Bryan Research center on your right and come to a stop sign. Turn right and head down this road. The LSRC building is to your left on the other side of the road. Cross the road to the LSRC building. Go in the first door to the D-Wing.

Parking and Parking Passes

IF YOU ARE STAYING AT THE BROOKWOOD INN, please walk or take the shuttle.

COMMUTERS who need Parking: For those local people not staying at the Brookwood Inn. You will park in the Bryan Center Parking lot. FIRST YOU MUST PICKUP A PARKING PASS by the LSRC building.

TO PICK UP PARKING PASS: From Erwin Road. Turn onto Research Drive towards Duke. Go through the circle and keep going straight. The first building on your right (red brick) is the North Building. Take the next right (between the North Building and the LSRC building). Drive down to the circle and turn around, then drive straight to pickup your parking pass. Someone will be standing on the sidewalk between the North Building and the LSRC building shown on the map below. Once you get your hangtag, put it on your rearview mirror and drive to the Circuit Drive Parking lot. Each pass is good for one day.

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