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We have held workshops for educators that cover the background of social networks, necessary mathematics, statistics, sociology, as well as computer science background, applications, and tools for modeling and visualizing social networks.

Upcoming Workshops

July 2010 Workshop
We are holding a workshop July 8-9, 2010 at Duke University. Educators will work with the presenters to refine modules for use in their classes.

The second workshop will expand upon the materials from the previous version. Participants from the previous workshop will present their experiences and the PIs will present the redesigned finished modules. Recruitment of new participants will accomplished primarily through the personal network of attendees. A goal for the second workshop is to mobilize the community to create a transformative project that can duplicate this model throughout the country.

Past Workshops

The outline of the workshops held thus far is as follows:
  • Social Networks as an Introduction to Computer Science
  • Duke GUESS: Tools for exploring and visualizing networks
    • Network properties and algorithms: Analyze local and global properties of a networks with given tools, and show how students and instructors can extend the tools
    • Analyzing facebook networks: Demonstrate tools that use the Facebook API to gather and visualize information on a user’s social network
    • Data sets from economics, biology, and other fields: Experiment with networks that represent commerce, disease spread, and other real phenomena
  • Duke Scrobbler: Tools for collecting and manipulating music profiles
    • Music tastes as a social networks: Introduce the concept of musical neighbors - users who have similar musical taste
    • Experiments with recommender systems: Investigate collaborative filtering algorithms to calculate the similarity of users' music profiles
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